Life as Rx’d

This past Saturday I made the trip to Dallas with a huge group from CrossFit OKC. We took three teams and six individual competitors to compete in the one day Life as Rx’d competition. We were smack dab in the middle of the Europa Fitness Expo. I felt a little out of my element. We were surrounded by body builders and female fitness competitors. It was something I had never seen before and needless to say I felt a bit scrawny…which was A-OK with me!

I am always excited to compete whether it is something I have been specifically training for or not. I didn’t do anything special prior to this day. I rested on Friday, but it had been business as usual all week. We didn’t find out our events until the night before which is always interesting. I ended up finishing fifth overall for the females and felt great about what I was able to do in the competition.

The great thing about competition is that it highlights things that you need to focus on that you might not be aware are issues. Coming out of this competition it was very clear to me that 24 inch box jumps and toes to bar are a few movements I have to nail down. I can do both perfectly fine in short sets, but anything over fifteen and I start to significantly slow down. I don’t bound well out of the bottom of the 24 inch box jump. 20 inch I can go all day, but those four extra inches paralyze me sometimes. Also, my grip really fatigues on toes to bar after about ten reps. Our last WOD had 30 for two different sets. Let’s just say the second set of 30 wasn’t so pretty!

There were some great things that came out Saturday too. I felt really strong in the first WOD which was a six-minute AMRAP 21-15-9 KB swings (55lb) and Thruster (65lb). I made it through the second set of 21 KB swings and felt great. My double unders have become second nature and I PR’ed my snatch by 7 pounds! I did pistols for the first time in competition too! Also, I didn’t feel too fatigued at the end of the day so I know my endurance is staying where it needs to be. I was sore, but my lungs felt great.

Now I can take these things and throw them in my regular training. Competing is just fun no matter what. Especially when you are with friends! Two of my fabulous friends from CrossFit Jenks, Christina and Paige, came down to compete as well. Christina took 2nd in the entire event! Paige rocked the 1RM snatch event hitting 140! They are both stellar athletes and I love being next to them because we all push each other.

Find a local competition and get at it. If you have never competed you need to try it! It doesn’t have to be The CrossFit Games to matter. You will surprise yourself with what you are able to accomplish!


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