Oly Oly Oxen Free!

I’m on an O-lift kick.  I’ve been working really hard on my olympic lifts since April. I still have a long way to go, but I’m starting to see some good improvement and that makes me really happy!

If I want to really nail down the olympic lifts I know I can’t just work on them periodically as they come up in programming or whenever I feel like it. Wednesday and Saturday have become my O-lift days. One day I’m focusing on the clean and jerk and one day on the snatch.

I love cleans. I could spend a whole day at the gym working on squat cleans and power cleans and be 100% happy. The snatch is not like that at all. It has always frustrated me because it hasn’t been something that I have been able to pick up very quickly. My form was never great. I was strong enough to muscle a decent amount of weight over my head, but never saw much improvement in numbers. I hit a wall fast.

I have been having Cole, who is an amazing olympic lifter, help me out. It is amazing watching an actual olympic lifter and not just a CrossFitter who can olympic lift. Big difference! He is having me work on things that I never would have done on my own like snatch pulls (ugh), snatch drops (even worse) and other “fun” things. Even though these are totally new to me and put me completely out of my comfort zone, I know they are going to do me a lot of good when it comes to my lifting. I already feel a lot more comfortable with the movements. Weights that use to be iffy to me are now a given. I have high expectations about what kind of numbers I’m going to reach in the next few months!

The other thing that has surprised me is how much of a workout olympic lifting really is. That might sound strange because I’m used to getting my butt kicked at th gym. I always get worn out if I’m doing sets up cleans or snatches, but what I’m doing now is completely different kind of worn out. I’m sitting between every set breathing hard and not wanting to move. My quads are on fire the whole time. It is awesome.

Certain things will come easy to people and certain things will not. When you find something that is a struggle for you make a plan to turn that into a strength and attack it with all you’ve got! It may take a while, but when you start to see improvement it is worth it.


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