It Is Like Christmas Eve….Only Better…

Tomorrow The Games start. Sometimes I think it is weird how incredibly excited I am to watch. Then I remember I am a CrossFitter and we are all pretty crazy/obsessive at times. We had tickets to be there in person, but work conflicts prevented us from making the trek. Thank goodness for watch parties!

On my own path to get to California to compete, I know my nutrition HAS to change. If I’m 100% honest with myself, my diet has been complete rubbish. That hasn’t always been the case. The past few months I have just derailed and not cared too much about what I use for fuel. The past two weeks I’ve made a serious effort to “clean it up”. I’ve been reading The Primal Blueprint and I have the cookbook. Mark Sisson is the author of Mark’s Daily Apple which is a great source for paleo/primal/clean nutrition information. Check it out.

I get so incredibly bored with chicken and pork. Last night, I ventured out and made the sausage and cabbage bake from PB. Thanks to a suggestion from my friend Mandy, I opted to cook it on the skillet rather than bake it and it came out D-Lish.  Thanks Mandy!

Here is what I did:

Chop half a head of cabbage

Chop half a white onion

Cut one 7oz link of Oscar Meyer Turkey Smoked Sausage into rounds

Put all ingredients into skillet. Drizzle with olive oil. Add sea salt and pepper to taste. I let it cook down for about eight minutes or until cabbage had softened and onions and sausage were slightly browned.

This made a perfect amount for two people. My husband loved it, which surprised me because he doesn’t eat a lot of cabbage. It was a fast, healthy meal that might become a regular in our household.

I love being reminded that eating well doesn’t have to take a lot of time and doesn’t have to be boring. If you have any fabulous paleo/primal/all around healthy dinner ideas please share!


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