A New Year!

Happy new year! Yes, it is only July, but in CrossFit land it is a brand new year for those of us not competing at the 2011 Reebok Crossfit Games. I kept up a blog about the Paleolithic Diet for about two years. I became pretty bored with that in the last few months, but I loved having the “accountability” of sharing what I was doing with those who were interested. I’m changing my focus a little now…

Now, I will be writing about my training over the next year. My main goal it to get better everyday and see what happens. Do I want to go to The Games? Yes. Is it going to be hard? Ridiculous. Can I do it? Yup!  I plan to post about what I’m doing in my training, goals I reach and don’t reach, nutrition and all that good stuff.

I plan on trying new sports, getting faster, getting stronger, visiting boxes in other cities and becoming an all around better athlete. I know the year will have ups and downs, good weeks and bad weeks. I’m excited, focused and determined to give it everything I have again.

3-2-1 Go!


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